Re: The Babe With the Power #James #Malia #Sanya


Who: James Castille
With: Malia Campbell, Sanya Nimr other royal party guests
Where: Castle courtyard, King's City 
When: February 28th, evening
"I am sure the King cannot have gone too far," Malia said, conversationally. The words themselves were reassuring, but her eyes moved toward where the courtyard met castle, then to the setting sun over the Enchanted Lake.
"If he isn't mingling in the crowd, he must be in the castle," Sanya mused. 
"I didn't actually expect Duchess Francesca to attend today," she noted, recognizing who Sarnai was speaking to. But she didn't see anything particular about the party that merited much alarm. Why, then…?
The Duke had thought nothing of bearing arms to the celebration, after all the werewolf had come from his forest and he was to be the executioner. And a man had to have some advantages of royal blood when he was denied a crown, or proper title. He stood between the two women scanning the crowd and the area around them.

His eyes shifted to the royal consort and the third Duchess, holder of the Western realm. His brow arched slightly that she was making conversation with the consort, James would have been less surprised to find her with Phillip. His eyes narrowed slightly, her man servant wasn't about.... He and Duchess Rossi very rarely crossed paths, but they knew enough about each other.

Turning away from the crowds he pointed to where the dogs had originated from... "There appears to be a disturbance at the stables" Castile assessed from their view point. "Perhaps a squabble between stallions... or an interloper. I will send my officers to investigate". The Duke seemed on edge however as his dogs swarmed about his legs whining still. Even the arrival of breastplate and a large green bow with a handful of arrows did not relieve the tension in his brow. "Thieves perhaps..." he continued to the duchesses, after talking to his officer in low tones. "...There are many prizes and gifts being brought to the castle".

He looked at Sanya, a rude comment on the end of his tongue about how Francesca didn't have a daughter to send in her place. But why berate the child for her parents' decision? James straightened his considerable frame and instead studied the two women below them, "To not attend would only confirm in many eyes the rumors about the Duchess of the West. I do not believe the consort is all that pleased for her company".


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