Re: Dance Magic, Dance #Brandy #Bert #Bridgette #Theo


Who: Theo
With: Bridgette, Bert, Brandy
Where: Silver Tankard Wagon, Riverside Avenue, Artisan's Quarter, King's City
When: Thursday, February 28th, 872 RoK (Reign of Kings)

“Pardon me, sir, but I do believe it’s good manners to excuse yourself after running into someone.”
"Oh now, now - there's no fuss a good drink can't solve," Brandy said, patronizing but with a flirtatious edge, casting a glance between each of the rather handsome specimens. She stepped between the two men and insisted each take a beer before claiming her own and proposing a toast. "Let's drink! To new friends." 
As she felt a sharp tug on the hair behind her ear with the impatient rustling of feathers, she glared into her own hood. “Okay!” she said under her breath before approaching the maiden’s bartop. “ ale please.” she said, placing a handful of copper on the counter and hoped that would be enough. 

Theo was used to crowded bars where everyone just straight up expected to be jostled a bit and few people got offended as long as you were mindful not to knock their drink arm or cut between two romantic partners. You could certainly be rude about the amount of space you took up, but he'd felt he was being fairly considerate and only bypassing people who already had drinks. He still started to turn and smile courteously to the gentleman who'd decided to take offense, not recognizing the symbol of authority for what it was. Why would he? He'd never met a sheriff before.

Then the barmaid cut in and pressed a beer into his hands and the hands of the offended man, lifting her glass in an immediate toast. Theo lifted his, as well, and tipped it to take a small but affirming sip, eyeing Bert as he did. Likely it would be a good idea to offer further goodwill, just to be careful, regardless of who he was.

"I'll pay for that, of course, to make some recompense," he said. The big word sounded more potentially fantasy-game-ish, more appropriate to the setting, even if it felt a smidge weird to say it.

Then, surprise of surprises, he heard his name, turned, and saw a familiar face hidden in the shadowed folds of a hood--that of his odd forest guide!

"Red," he said with a big grin. "I never expected to see you here. I'll get your ale, too. I still owe you, after all." And then, for good measure, he added a courteous nod of his head to the barmaid and used one hand to produce a few coins of what he hoped were appropriate value. "If it's no trouble, of course. Thank you." Being kind to the one who brought you drinks was always a wise idea.


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