Re: The Babe With the Power #James #Malia #Sanya


Who: Sanya Nimr
With: James Castille, Malia Campbell, other royal party guests
Where: Castle courtyard, King's City
When: February 28th, evening

"To not attend would only confirm in many eyes the rumors about the Duchess of the West. I do not believe the consort is all that pleased for her company".
"Duchess Rossi eats rumors. If she had none, I think she would starve."  
"What do you make of the consort...?"  

Sanya wasn't sure why anyone would be causing problems in the stables, but then with the sheer number of people coming over the drawbridge into the castle grounds, it really was just the kind of day for trouble. They'd undoubtedly brought on some temporary staff to assist with the festivities, as well as their usuals. More people, more unknown factors, so many people coming and going, the guards--even as well-trained as they were--would be overwhelmed.

She wished she had brought her familiar with her, if only for a second set of eyes to explore the stables. Maybe something was happening there.

James' comment on the rumors about Francesca, though, seemed contradictory to Sanya, but gave a laugh at Malia's comment. There were more than enough rumors about the duchess around the Queen's College, many contradictory. "Rumors around the Duchess grow whether or not she's present to enhance them. If she's here visibly, she's clearly in the king's bed when no one is looking. If she isn't here visibly, then she's sneaking around with the king. People will say what they will say."

She shifted her attention back to the consort, Sarnai, with Malia's question. It made sense. A new player, the potential future queen. All of them would be subject to her. "Altansarnai is... resolute," Sanya offered, thinking of the brief interaction she'd had with Sarnai in the Jewel of the Desert. Outloud, she didn't want to talk about the other two girls. The ones who didn't come back. Mentally, she still compared the three. Those two girls had seen everything like a brand new delight. Sarnai had been more cautious. "I wouldn't expect her to play games around the court."

That seemed safe enough to say, at least until Malia and James contributed their own opinions.


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