Re: Jump Magic, Jump! #Bridgette #Theo


Who: Theo
With: Red
Where: Silver Tankard Wagon, Riverside Avenue, Artisan's Quarter, King's City
When: Thursday, February 28th, 872 RoK

A pleasant exchange of names, comfortable conversation, anticipation for seeing some interesting new things in this fantasy city that was so spectacularly real. Theo had high hopes for how well his day would go from here forward--an interesting new NPC in a game always provided new stories.

They usually didn't just bail out before anything really happened. But, maybe that was his fault. He hadn't introduced himself to Kago. He'd let the scenario unfold between Red and Kago, and now maybe he'd missed his chance at a new connection.

Definitely not his chance at a dramatic story, though. The way the weather turned and the opened up, pouring rain down on the city below? This was magic. It wasn't natural, anyway. He got to his feet and looked around, trying to remember what all he'd seen between the Fairy Circle where he crossed into Eventyr and this temporary tent.

"I think I remember a tavern back that way," he said to Red. "He's right. We should probably take shelter."
He held out his hand to take hers and start fleeing the weather.

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