Re: The Babe With the Power #James #Malia #Sanya


Who: Sanya
With: Malia
Where: Castle Wall, King's City 
When: February 28th, evening

Sanya didn't only want to find shelter, though here she stood with Malia in the shelter of a guardhouse atop the wall, surrounded by arrowslit-sized windows.

She wanted to find information. If the dungeon was compromised, that meant someone inside the castle had been actively working against its failsafes and safety measures. The Eastern Duke charged off to be useful, leaving her and the Northern Duchess standing there, advised to seek shelter. But how extensive was the danger? For the weather to turn this quickly...

Sanya thought of her grandmother. In Sanya's lifetime, the Witch of the Tower had been held, kept from influencing man or nature with her powerful magic, but when she'd been free, she could raise sandstorms, floods, and all types of weather at will. The storm, the worry that it might have to do with a powerful witch, formed up in a crease of concern in her forehead.

Malia's reassurance rang surprisingly sincere--no condescension signalling a disrespect that would send her sorceress magic spinning with potential curses to utter. She was glad that, even in a little brief exchange, the Duchess of the North could extend a certain amount of inclusivity.

"Horses eat each other?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. She hadn't heard that one before. "The guards are escorting the Consort to safety. And... here they come for us."

A handful of guards were coming storming up the stairs to the walltop where the two noblewomen stood. From this vantage point, Sanya could see the drawbridge rising now. Considering the problem seemed to be an escaped werewolf, that struck her as a terrible idea--trapping prey in with the wolf. How many innocent guests, commoners who'd paid their way into this party, might die while the nobility got ushered up to safer places at the tops of spiral staircases and behind reinforced doors?

"Duchess Malia, Lady Sanya, for your safety, would you come with us?" 

"It's only water. Guard the stairs, and let us watch from here, for now," Sanya replied, though she offered a glance toward Malia as she said this, both to see how she'd react to having her own words echoed, and to see if she disagreed. Atop the wall, they were as safe as anywhere else, if a bit less comfortable.

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