Re: Left My Baby Blue


It hadn't been Jaya's intention. She was supposed to meet up with Kyky, in the courtyard, and enjoy the feast and the music. This whole sneaking in as a servant thing was the cover, not the exit plan. And now Jaya was starting to feel a little bit worried about when or if she'd even have a solid exit plan. Because somehow, she'd been swept up in a wave of servants summoned to see to the needs of the Consort and the Duchess in their very safe, very secluded tower panic room.

She didn't need to leave. She was between temp jobs. Her rent was paid. No one would miss her on Earth if she stayed in Eventyr even a few days. But she also just... really wanted to be with familiar faces right then, not carrying a tray of cheese and fruit up to the Duchess of the East.

Whatever little voice of instinct that came to her whenever she was in Eventyr was in overdrive. She understood exactly how she ought to stand and carry the tray, exactly how she could be close to the Duchess without invading her personal space. Fingers splayed beneath the tray to keep it stable. Eyes downcast, chin tucked in, but paying attention all the same.

It would all be over soon. She'd be out of here soon.

And, in the meantime, she did her best to control her expression and keep her feelings and her thoughts tightly locked down--especially when the Duchess came straight out and accused the Duke of the East of being a Changeling. A creature, ruling the whole Duchy? Well, that would explain some things. The missing maidens, especially.

Had the king been complicit? A changeling, as well?

If he had been...

She did her best to keep from pursing her lips too tightly or looking too much like she was listening to a conversation she wasn't actually part of.
Jaya was just a servant girl for the time being. She had to be just a servant girl, until she found her opening and got out of there.


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