Re: Jump Summaries February 28th - March 7th 872ROK


Theo was somehow unsurprised to find Tristan at the Silver Tankard after being ushered there by Brandy, along with Red, Bert, and Zaire. He caught up with Tristan and expressed his disappointment that the festivities were being cut short. It would have been great to see his mentor knight actually jousting. He stayed up most of the night listening to the rumor mill. After all, when there was no clear course of action, one had to gather information from the NPCs. He made easy conversation with anyone who would lend an ear and learned that the storm began just about the same time that the castle drawbridges were raised. Rumors were spreading, and many pointed toward disaster in the castle.

Eventually, Theo tapped out and headed back to his home in New York City rather than sleeping over in Eventyr. He managed his usual business between schoolwork and music. When the next opportunity to hop through a fairy circle and back into Eventyr came, he was there. Upon his return, he learned about the King's death and the fact that the Royal Scholar and General are sequestered trying to determine who would be the next king.

Tristan, obviously, he decided when he found out about the missing Crown Princess Bridgette. Here was a quest worth embarking on! He put all his enthusiasm into persuading Tristan and Bert to join him in an attempt to track down any sign of the Crown Princess to restore her to her proper place in this dire time of need. Their quest takes them first toward the north, where dragons reside. After all, where better to look for a lost princess than with dragons?

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