Re: Jump Summaries February 28th - March 7th 872ROK


Sanya allowed herself to be sequestered for the night. As much as she wore the mantle of Duchess that night, she knew her place and knew when and how far to assert the authority that the mantle granted her. Cooperating was in her best interest. Once the morning came and the threat of getting mauled by a werewolf diminished greatly, she began working with the castle scholars to locate a detailed map of the castle and create a more systematic search plan of obscure corridors within the castle, working with the Northern Duchess and the Green Duke.

When the dungeon flood receded and the werewolf was found inside--bloated from long exposure to water but still identifiable--so many questions remained. At around lunchtime, Moswen wandered to Sanya's side. The cat kept its mistress company as Sanya continued trying to work through this increasingly puzzling mystery.

She began to piece together the sequence of events, keeping the Consort Sarnai apprised of her line of questioning as she did. The craftsman the king had been with prior to his death proved to be alive, if a bit panicked. He had the paperwork signing over the artisan's shop to him. Servants, too, verified that they had escorted the craftsman back out into the courtyard and the king had been alive when they left.

True, the failsafe had a slight delay to give guards time to escape certain death--but would that delay be long enough for a werewolf to escape? And if the werewolf had completely cleared the dungeon before the flooding, why would she go back into the dungeon to die? Though Sanya felt questions remained, she agreed with the decision to keep the finer points of inquiry out of the public eye. The kingdom needed stability, and stability didn't come from questioning whether or not the king's mauled body was actually mauled by a werewolf.

Still, Sanya had one certain conclusion: There was a conspiracy here. She encoded a message for her mother and father and sent it via their very private network of spies to keep them apprised of the goings-on. Then, for the most part, it was back to classes again. The storm was unyielding, but not quite fierce enough to cancel classes.

Certain philosophical debates have been ongoing on campus, especially in the last couple of days, especially those spurred by headmaster Oskar Von Essen of the School of Economics. Sanya has tried to keep out of it, noble that she is, but she's still quite fascinated by the doubts and questions various scholars have surrounding current events. She looks forward to listening to Von Essen give his public lecture and seeing where it leads the conversation.

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