Re: Jump Summaries February 28th - March 7th 872ROK


Jaya stayed the night in the Royal Castle playing the part of a servant. She got to eavesdrop on all kinds of interesting conversations because of it, but she was still eager to slip away in the morning once the guard around the castle relaxed. The last thing she wanted was to stay long enough for anyone to really notice her beyond being just another servant in the castle.

Exhausted she headed back to the Silver Tankard with every intention to get some real rest, but instead of fresh bedding, she found Brandy and Zaire sleeping in her bed. (She didn't murder them. The thought crossed her mind. But she didn't murder them.

Once she got some sleep, she came down to the taproom to the news that the king was dead and feigned her surprise. "I knew something had to be wrong, the way the castle got locked up tight, but this is a shock! I wish I knew Kyky was all right. I was supposed to meet her at the party, and instead I got all swept up in the mess."

Really, no one was looking close at her, and that was just how she wanted it. She had some time off between temp jobs, so she stayed in Eventyr rather than returning home, and that meant the storm stood out to her. The storm, pounding down from the heavens above like a tell-tale heart beneath the floorboards, whispering guilt across the window panes. At one point, she wandered with her cloak on and her hood up, as the Ghost Blade, into the Soldier's Quarter. There, she heard some rumors that Marauders were claiming that their werewolf didn't do it--but who could really believe that? It was a creature. Of course the creature did it.

But the creature hadn't. And Jaya knew it.

Distraction and opportunity arose as the attractive sailor Brandy had been sleeping with, Zaire, decided to head up a quest to try and put a stop to the storm. Jaya jumped on board with this quest the second that Brandy extended the invitation. Maybe, if they went and found this Witch of the Tower, they could get the storm cleared up. Maybe that would assuage some of the guilty knots tangling her all up.

So, off she went to the desert with this group of new companions.

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