Like an Open Highway #Bert #Theo #Tristan


Who: Theo
With: Bert, Tristan
Where: Foothills of the Northern Mountains
When: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK -- Evening

Theo was not going to be the first to admit that this rain was positively terrible. Technically speaking, he'd never spent a full day out in the rain in his life. Rain was a nuisance to be avoided, or a novelty to enjoy for exactly as long as a spoiled rich boy wanted to before returning inside and drying off. But, this?
He had a fine waterproofed cloak. Rain was still getting through somehow. His leather boots, which should have been watertight, were also squelching after a full day's exposure to the rain. Riding a horse into the foothills meant, well, a day of riding. On a wet saddle. Which was uncomfortable in all kinds of unexpected ways. He, for one, was grateful to be setting up camp for the day, even if the continuous rain meant there wouldn't be any real relief or dryness.
They'd managed to find a bit of a rocky outcrop on a hill, though--no cave entry, but still an overhang where the water came running down either side and left the center dry. Enough room for the three of them to lay out bedrolls and set up a fire, though their horses had to be tied up nearby.
"Has it ever rained like this before?" Theo asked, grateful to find that somehow his bedroll was still dry where he'd packed it. That would be some comfort, at least. He looked between Tristan and Bert, sure that one of them would know.


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