Never Backed Down #Sanya #Killick


Who: Sanya, Lord Oskar Von Essen
With: Killick, an audience of bystanders
Where: The Queen's College, Great Lecture Hall
When: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK

Sanya had a special place in her heart for Lord Oskar Von Essen--one she wouldn't dare speak of to anyone. Here was a noble who refused be seen as anything other than who he felt he was. Who, when he refused to continue wearing dresses and get married to to the man he'd been betrothed to since birth, was ostracized and still refused to bend or break. He made a name for himself, made his way through the Queen's College on his own merit and hard work, spent his coin wisely, and built himself a fortune before the Von Essen family stopped acting like they were in mourning over the death of their precious daughter and welcomed back their successful son.
He'd been headmaster of the School of Economics for half a decade now, and although Sanya only took as many economics and political policy courses as she needed to supply additional perspectives beyond her family's private tutoring in such matters of rulership, she enjoyed them most when Von Essen was teaching.
He cut a striking figure in his suit where he stood at the podium, a study of a purposefully-constructed outward image. Short-shorn masculine hair, baby-soft naked cheeks, clothes cut in a style that squared his shoulders and narrowed his hips. Masculine, confident, wholly himself.
She could never do that. She was quite comfortable in her femininity. But, being herself, constructing herself so obviously? Who she loved and what she felt, worn out on her sleeve like that? No.
Even if Sanya hadn't arrived early in the lecture hall, she would have had a reserved seat, given her noble heritage. But she sat in the student's section next to Killick, leaning forward in a way that was slightly less than noble, more bad posture she'd learned and embraced as a student. The lecture hall seats were packed full, and standing spectators were crammed in tighter than shoulder-to-shoulder.
"The headmaster certainly draws an audience," she said. "Or, maybe the city is bored and decided to take this as an excuse to get out of the rain?"
But Sanya knew it was the former. The king, mysteriously dead. The storm that raged on. The Royal General and Royal Scholar still sequestered. People wanted to hear something that made some kind of sense--and Von Essen's ideas about the possible economic advantage of de-centralizing and allowing regions to rule themselves had a certain power.

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