Re: It's Now or Never #Jaya #Brandy #Bridgette #zaire


Who: Jaya
With: Zaire, Brandy, Red
Where: Southern Desert
When: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK

Even with as much Eventyr experience as Jaya had under her belt, the sensation of moving through a fairy circle between two Eventyr locations--and really, even between Earth and Eventyr, could be shocking. Doubly so when she was moving from the calm of an inn room--her personal room, which she hoped wouldn't get invaded by a random incoming individual now that there was a fairy circle on the floor there that cold be used a couple more times before it ran out--and into a desert sandstorm.

She had her cloak on and pulled around her, even if black wasn't the best fashion for desert sun. Almost immediately, she grasped at the edges of the hood and pulled it around her face, turning and wheeling as the wind blew sand everywhere. Here was another problem in Eventyr that they didn't have to worry about on Earth: Earth had weather satellites. You always knew, more or less, what the weather would be like when you arrived somewhere. Eventyr had a rumor mill. And a rumor mill could only go so far in conveying the weather patterns of a distant locale.

Her cloak afforded her some protection, though, and--true to its unusual and increasingly magical form--it shifted with shadow while she wore it, and suddenly she felt the fabric of it slip up over her mouth and nose. It adapted to the situation and gave her a built-in neck gaiter to keep all this sand from blowing around and into her mouth.

She noticed Zaire pointing, followed the motion of his arm to look out toward a stand of trees. She gave a purposefully exaggerated nod of her head in agreement. There looked as good as anywhere to start. It seemed like the land dipped just a bit. Maybe it would provide some shelter from the wind and they could orient themselves down there. Maybe.

She started walking in as broad of strides as she could manage with the wind buffeting around her. Oddly, her cloak just seemed to take on a convenient sort of flow, no more drag or weight to it than if it had been actually made from shadows.


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