Re: Never Backed Down #Sanya #Killick


Who: Killick

With: Sanya, Lord Oskar von Essen, an audience of bystanders

Where: the Queen's College, Great Lecture Hall

When: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK

They were contradictions in so many ways - Sanya leant into the lecture, while Killick sat at attention as though his spine were a steel sword and the bend impossible. The learned behavior was yet another tic added to the repertoire of parts and pieces that made up the man he wanted to be: Someone who belonged here, more even than had simply earned his place.

He almost shushed her.

Almost, the curl present on his lips as they made to bare teeth, but the tsssch! never came. Instead, his gaze was drawn away from the headmaster's speech, brows furrowing as his attention caught on movement in the wings. Guards.

There were plenty of reasons guards could have been coming to a hall this tightly packed. The rain wasn't one of them.

"What's that?" He hissed to her with a jut of his chin, a habit harder to break than so many others he'd worked to beat out of himself. "Royal guards? Why would they be here...?" Maybe to make an announcement? The king had died and so much was still up in the air - some sliver of hope dug into Killick that there would be news to deliver... but even with as many people were packed into the lecture hall, surely a public address was more appropriate?


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