Re: It's Now or Never #Jaya #Brandy #Bridgette #zaire

Vincent Gonzales

Bridgette wasn't nearly as comfortable with the harsh deserts of the South as she was with the Eastern Forest. Her forest. But, the same magics that made her travels in the East so easy gave her a small edge, here among the sands. She eyed her surroundings from behind her hood as she quietly walked along the group she'd found herself travelling with. Brandy, she'd met. She was nice. Zaire was...well, a bit cranky for her liking, but he seemed to mean well. Mostly. The other one, in the dark hood, she wasn't so sure about and didn't feel right with her at her back, but the former princess was sure that sense of unease would pass, with time. The same went for the others in the little crew Zaire had put together, she hoped. 

For now, she walked along with the others, mindful of the dips and hills in the sand, her staff acting as a helpful walking aid at times. 

Then, suddenly, Brandy fell and there was a lightning crack and her eyes widened as she looked up where the tree once was. "You should probably watch your step more carefully," Red offered helpfully, coming down the slope and offering a hand to Brandy. "And don't stand under trees, when there's lightning. That's a good way to end up fried."


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