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As Hawkins and Manny escaped the dungeon, just as the flood waters rushed by, they were greeted by Marcus the Vile, a known bandit and the one whose group the captured werewolf supposedly came from. Together, they, and a girl called Kyky who had apparently been swept up by the events occuring in the castle, escaped from the fortress before it was locked down and checked. It wasn’t long before they ended up in the Eastern Forest, quite the opposite way Hawkins had intended to go, but still was safer than being in the King’s City. Besides, the last place the guards would look for a known pirate was the forest in the opposite direction he needed to go.

As they traveled, Hawkins found Kyky to be rather talkative, if not outright invasive at times. She almost always seemed to have something to say or some question to ask, and it was honestly somewhat off putting at times. As was his nature, Hawkins did his best to keep his past private and his personal life to himself, but she persisted often. It wasn’t until she came to him and told him just how rude he was being that he backed down and started talking a bit more. No one, much less a woman, had ever been as interested in him as she was. Left handed sailors were typically given a wide berth, as they spoke of misfortune and superstitions. But Kyky didn’t seem to care in the slightest. The more they talked, the more he realized how similar they were, and it brought him more happiness than he’d felt in a long time to have someone to talk to again. He quietly made himself a promise to attempt more often to reach out to people, with hopes to find more like Kyky in the world. He told her tales of the high seas and his brushes with real pirates, and how he came by his sword and shield, and she seemed to hang on his every word. It was nice to have a good friend to talk to again, and it didn’t hurt that she was pretty to boot. Now if he could just figure out his other companions and the unnatural storm that had spread across the kingdom and raged for many days.

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Manfred and Hawkins escaped the dungeon before it flooded completely and ran into Marcus the Vile, warlord, and scourge of the Eastern woods. He was traveling in the company of a young woman who called herself Kyky, the sailor and thief had little choice but to ally themselves with the pair to escape. Under cover of all the confusion and the ominous weather, the quartet fled the castle undetected.

Marcus made the humanoid centaur edgey, mostly because he couldn’t understand a man like the warlord. His underlying hatred for the Green Duke, the Eastern realm and seemingly all of Eventyr. Hawkins fascinated him, and he liked the sailor… maybe it was because they both came from the West although from opposite sides of the realm. Atwater was more of a warrior,  but being a lockpick put Manny in favor with the marauders, not exactly a position that pleased him.

If there was anyone that seemed more out of place among the rough men, it was the young woman called Kyky. He was more convinced of it after they shared some stew (JP to come). Worse of all the weather wouldn’t let up…. Manfred could handle the rain, but the lightning, and worse the fires, set his horse instincts on edge.

But everything seemed off balanced in Eventyr, as he and his companions hid deeper in the enchanted woods of the East than Manny had ever imagined going.


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