Re: You're Gonna Hear My Voice #Kyky #Marcus #hawkins #manfred

Vincent Gonzales <alchemicalnonsense2578@...>

"No time to stop and rest," Marcus said, his voice low but stern as he came up beside Kyky. He'd been...hesitant to bring the young woman along on this particular streak of vengeance, but this was as good of a chance as any for him to see if she could hold her own weight with the Marauders or not. While he knew, given the fact that she came and went from New York fairly regularly, that she'd never truly be a part of his band of misfits, he needed to know that he wouldn't have to constantly watch her back should they find himself in a fight. And there was most certainly going to be a fight. 

The pirate hunter had led them this far and Marcus could see, while this probably wasn't exactly the line of work in which he was used to utilizing his skills, he'd led them true. While no tracker, Marcus could make out tracks, broken twigs, and other small indicators that the bastards who'd stolen from him had come through here. "Lead the way, Hawkins," Marcus instructed the sailor with a nod, hand on the hilt of his sword and ready for any signs of danger. 


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