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Bert stretched out his back and legs, having finally gotten out of the saddle after their day of riding. His companions seemed to be just as stiff, and likely just as wet, as he was after their day in the rain. As it was, it had been raining non-stop for nearly a week, which did not do much for the group’s morale, but still, they had found a nice, dry(ish) place to rest.

Bert nodded in agreement with Tristan. “Firewood would be a good start. I’ll see what I can find.” Wandering out into the rain, he looked closest to trees and under bushes, managing to find some small pieces that would make good kindling, as well as a couple larger branches that would dry as the smaller sticks burned. “As for the rain, I haven’t seen it rain like this ever in my life. Sure it has stormed before, but never for this long.”

Taking a moment to set up a small campfire, Bert retrieved his flint and steel and set to work lighting the fire, hoping for some comfort. It didn’t take long for a spark to catch on the drier pieces and slowly spread. He took a moment to ponder the knight’s questions. “Well, it’s been a few years since I traveled this way, but from what I remember, there’s usually some small game out and about. It wouldn’t take much to set a snare or two and catch some. I don’t think you’ll find too many deer around here, but it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye out.”

“Remind me, if you will. What stories have the two of you heard about our missing princess?”


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Tristan stifled a grunt of discomfort as he bent to affix a stake into the ground that he had tied to his horse's reins. While he was confident that Ella wouldn't go running on him on a normal given day, he wasn't so sure what this storm would do to her nerves. He'd see she got fresh water and some oats after he'd set up camp for the night, he told himself. "Like this? Not that I can recall," Tristan responded, pulling off his bedroll and tossing it down to flatten out and hopefully dry a little in the outcrop they'd found. 

"We'll need to get some firewood, if we can. The drier the better," he said, eyes on the rain that seemed to never want to end. "Some food wouldn't hurt either, if we can find any game out in the storm..."

The knight in soaking wet armor turned towards the noble and nodded. "What do you think? I imagine you're pretty familiar with these lands. Best places to hunt for rabbit? Deer?"


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