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Hawkins moved forward slowly, his eyes constantly shifting to catch any sign of the thieves ahead of them. Ever since those werewolves had shown up, Hawkins had been suspicious of them. He had seen too many sailors that acted the way they did to not be. And he had been right to be suspicious. They had fallen down on the job, and now they were missing precious food and water, not to mention weapons. And in the Eastern Forest, it was clear everyone needed a way to defend themselves.

A small indent from a heel caught his attention as they moved on, and he carefully redirected their path to make sure they stayed on the trail. As his companions continued to talk behind him, Hawkins listened both to them, and to the forest around them. Thus far, it sounded like other forests he’d traveled through, but this was one to be wary of. He’d heard too many stories about people disappearing in here, and if anything was out of the ordinary, he wanted to be ready to confront it head on if necessary.

He paused for a moment and glanced back towards the rest of the group. Kyky had been a ray of sunshine in all this mess. She was generally cheerful and well mannered, and enjoyed conversation more than anyone else he’d come across in a while. Manny, on the other hand, had been quiet for the most part, but seemed a good lad, and would hopefully be helpful to them when they confronted the thieves. Finally, there was Marcus the Vile, the warlord of the Eastern Forest and leader of the Marauders. Here was a man to be careful of. If it wasn’t for him helping them all escape from the castle a week back, Hawkins likely wouldn’t have been helping him now. But, thieves were almost as bad as pirates, and it was a good place to start getting back to work. And, if the opportunity presented itself, maybe he could turn Marcus in. There wasn’t much chance of that, but it was worth a shot.

Hawkins nodded back to Marcus, continuing his search for the trail. A broken stick with a thread from some cloth showed him the way again, and then, just hidden under some brush, Hawkins paused to collect a small dagger. He turned back and offered it to Marcus. “That look like one of yers?” Looking to Manny and Kyky, “Ye best keep close. They may not be far off now.”


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"No time to stop and rest," Marcus said, his voice low but stern as he came up beside Kyky. He'd been...hesitant to bring the young woman along on this particular streak of vengeance, but this was as good of a chance as any for him to see if she could hold her own weight with the Marauders or not. While he knew, given the fact that she came and went from New York fairly regularly, that she'd never truly be a part of his band of misfits, he needed to know that he wouldn't have to constantly watch her back should they find himself in a fight. And there was most certainly going to be a fight. 

The pirate hunter had led them this far and Marcus could see, while this probably wasn't exactly the line of work in which he was used to utilizing his skills, he'd led them true. While no tracker, Marcus could make out tracks, broken twigs, and other small indicators that the bastards who'd stolen from him had come through here. "Lead the way, Hawkins," Marcus instructed the sailor with a nod, hand on the hilt of his sword and ready for any signs of danger. 


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