Re: You're Gonna Hear My Voice #Kyky #Marcus #hawkins #manfred


Manny stopped as he adjusted his footing, the flexibility of a human foot was very different than the rigid form of a hoof. He didn’t like this and had a bad feeling that the werewolves were playing Marcus for a fool. Praying on whatever feelings he may have had for the late Alessandra to get into his good graces.

He looked over at KyKy and then back at the rough, ragtag crew of men that followed Marcus loyally for whatever reasons. His mouth quirked when he realized the blonde took his advice on covering her pale hair.

Marcus: "No time to stop and rest," "Lead the way, Hawkins,"

The leader of the marauders’ voice forced the thief to look the other way toward his fellow escapee from the dungeons of the capital. Although truthfully he and Hawkins were on different sides of the bars.

The sailor was leading the way, had insisted on it really. Like he would take on the thieves...or werewolves… on his own. He was a foolishly brave man, even when he was out of his element. They were far from any ship or water.. Other than a creek crossing their path.

Manny liked Hawkins, he wasn’t like most people who tried to pry and weedle him into talking idley. Or fill up the silence with empty words just to hear the sound of a voice. When he caught Hawkins looking at him, he didn’t know why but his mouth curled of its own accord to smile back.

Hawkins: “That look like one of yers?” Looking to Manny and Kyky, “Ye best keep close. They may not be far off now.”

The thief frowned because if you took the time to steal something you weren’t going to drop it somewhere. Even if you had priorities and needed to ditch an item, most thieves worth their merit would hide it… come back for it later.

He didn’t like it, and all his horse senses started kicking in. Manny became fidgettity and he bit his lip to control himself. “This is wrong” he said in a low whisper, looking at KyKy. “It doesn’t feel right”.


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