Re: Like an Open Highway #Bert #Theo #Tristan


As both Tristan and Bert exuded their medieval know-how in terms of finding food and starting fire, Theo looked around himself and felt he ought to be contributing something, as well. He just... wasn't entirely sure what. All right, so he didn't really go camping and he had no wilderness survival skills to speak of outside of what one could glean from resource gathering in RPGs. That didn't make him entirely useless. Did it?

"I'll, um, help with the snares, if you want, Tristan," he decided. Okay, so he hadn't done it before. It was a learning opportunity, right?

He found it a little unsettling that this weather was really so unusual. Not in Bert's life had it stormed like this? That was some epic fantasy plot level storming, then. All the better for motivating a group of heroes in finding a missing princess!

"Well, from what I heard, she liked to study things like sword fighting, and, since she was destined to be the next ruler, her father didn't stop her," Theo said. "So it's hard to think she would have gotten kidnapped by a dragon and stayed captive waiting for someone to come save her. But dragons can be pretty big and pretty clever, right? Sure, people went out searching for her and went after dragons as part of their searches. No one found anything--obviously--but maybe they weren't going about it quite the right way. Did you look for her before, Lord Weston?"


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