Re: It's Now or Never #Jaya #Brandy #Bridgette #zaire


Brandy slipped, Red  and Zaire each lent their hands in helping Brandy clear of a palm tree that cracked in the wind, swayed, and came tumbling down, sending up a whole new cloud of sand to add to the sandstorm buffeting all around them.

Red: "You should probably watch your step more carefully."

Jaya gave a monosyllabic mildly annoyed sound of agreement at that.  She would take rain over this, any day. She had, in fact, generally avoided coming to the Southern Duchy because of the Genie's axiom from the third Aladdin movie:

"Sand," she stated. "It's everywhere. Get used to it."

Would anyone else here understand a reference to an obscure Disney sequel film? Probably not. Even if they had gotten Robin Williams back to voice Genie again after the travesty that was The Return of Jafar, it took a kid growing up in the nineties, probably.

"The way it's blowing, anyway, it's going to be everywhere, anyway," she added. Her least favorite part of days at any beach had always been afterward, finding sand, well, everywhere. Sometimes for days. She nudged her hood back, just a touch, enough so that her face wasn't completely obscured in its eerie shadow, as she started down the slope of the sand hill, toward the Oasis, following after Zaire and Brandy. At least down here, the winds were a little bit less, the sand buffeting them a little less. 

Zaire: "Tanner's Trading Post."

When Zaire stated a name with so much confidence, Jaya snapped her gaze more intently in the direction he'd been looking, to see the sign for herself. There were buildings around the Oasis, a name. A trading post would hopefully be on that map. And the buildings could give the some shelter. Maybe some people to interact with?

She tried, with at least a little semblance of grace, to get the rest of the way down the hill to where the sand more or less leveled out. It was still shifty underfoot, but not quite as bad as on the slope. It didn't take much to get to the lean-to shelter, and once inside, she did let her hood down, shaking sand off the best she could. Outside, the wind howled, carrying sand, but it was better here, just a bit.

"You know anything about the desert, Red?" Jaya asked, though she glanced toward Brandy, too. "Or, anyone heard of this place?" She didn't know much about the odd redhead, except that she had ready access to pixie dust for making fairy circles, which made her plenty interesting in Jaya's book. 


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