Re: Never Backed Down #Sanya #Killick


She wasn't wrong - and neither was his gut when it said this was. As the Headmaster went on, Killick found the creeping, crawling sensation rumbling right beneath his skin getting worse. Maybe it was what he was talking about, building his way toward outright treason as the crowd looked on and the guard drew nearer. Killick's hands itched even as he found them gripping the sides of his desk, all hope for respectable posture abandoned as he leaned in to try and see better what was happening next. What was going on?

And then, Lord von Essen went ahead and spelled it out for them all, and Killick's eyes went wide.

Could he have expected anything else, though? If someone were to question Zaire's claim to his ship, they would be met with swift counter. This didn't seem any different a situation - someone trying to keep power by silencing those who would take it from them.

But Killick had come here to escape that kind of tyranny, hadn't he? And Sanya was right... wasn't she? "Maybe they've done it themselves. The guard," He murmured out of the side of his mouth, a haphazard tilt of his hand indicating the arrest ongoing before them. "Or the General. In a --" He pulled his lower lip briefly between his teeth, brows furrowing for a moment as he sought the word that wasn't mutiny, "In a coup, you have to take out the ones who will make the takeover difficult." Throw them overboard or worse to make a point. To make sure that whoever gets installed next, there's no question that they rule.



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