Re: You're Gonna Hear My Voice #Kyky #Marcus #hawkins #manfred

Rachel Balla

Marcus: "No time to stop and rest," "Lead the way, Hawkins,"

Kyky's head snapped up in surprise at Marcus's chiding words. She had been keeping up just fine… hadn't she? Suddenly Kyky realized that her head was resting on the fist holding her walking stick firmly planted into the ground. It was profoundly disorienting, like falling asleep in class, and she quickly blinked the errant sleepiness from her eyes and tried to pretend it hadn't happened. Act natural, she prompted herself, straightening, placing a hand on her hip, and turning her attention to Hawkins as his careful tracking uncovered a clue. A dagger - one that the thieves had lost in their escape?

Hawkins: “That look like one of yers?” “Ye best keep close. They may not be far off now.”

Manny: "This is wrong” “It doesn’t feel right”

Kyky hardly made the connection between Manny's body language and a spooked horse in her mind, but her reaction was much the same. She reached up to stroke his shoulder, reassuring, and spoke softly and in good humor: "But if we turn back, the terrorists win."

With those words, blue eyes turned to the only other in their party that would get the joke and understand its nuances. If this was a power struggle, not backing down was important… but none of them wanted to walk into a trap, and she didn't doubt Manny's nor Hawkins' instincts that they were close, and there was something fishy.

Marcus knew these woods better than any of them, so it was his call. Kyky, though, couldn't stand still for too long - the sleepiness made her head heavy, and the sweet floral scent of the forest suggested that it would be a lovely place to settle in for a quick rest. Good lord, where was her stash of adderall when she needed it...?


OOC: Kyky's getting hit first because she's smallest and therefore most susceptible, but the guys here should be feeling sleepy as well by the next round!


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