Re: Never Backed Down #Sanya #Killick


For Sanya, everything about this situation felt distant and hypothetical more than it felt really, truly real. She didn't personally have to worry about her status being affected by anything that happened at the King's College. She had the wealth and status to get through pretty much any circumstance that came upon her. She felt cool, calm, faced with a puzzle more than anything else.

Arresting Von Essen risked making enemies of the merchants he dealt with, the guilds, the students, the bankers. Von Essen wasn't the headmaster of the School of Economics for nothing. He had too many connections to just lock into a box, and that meant whoever was making this move either understood the risk and had the power to counter it or didn't really understand the risk at all.

Killick's tension, though, did have a way of transposing itself over into Sanya's calm. He had a different perspective on this, a reasonable perspective for that matter. He had more familiarity with the way that people without a noble safety net might see what was going on right here and now. And he was right. It could be a power grab from lower down the totem pole.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen, and lady knights," Lord Von Essen said, still keeping one step ahead, voice carrying loud across the auditorium. "You misunderstand the nature of this thought exercise. I mean only the greatest honor to the royal crown of Eventyr. It behooves us as a people to be open, reflective thinkers, weighing out the many possibilities before us. Our Queen's College exists in part to study all things and bring new insights to our rulers and to our people. Improving yourself is not treason."

Two guards flanked him and grabbed hold of him, lifting him bodily from the ground to drag him toward the edge of the stage.

"But... if it is, it's still worthwhile," he added. His voice was less clear once he was off the stage. The auditorium had been designed to amplify voices specifically from the stage, not from the area around it.

"If we can figure out where they're taking our headmaster, we can figure out who's behind it," Sanya said, hopping to her feet. She wasn't the only one starting to stand up. Many people around them, students and faculty alike, were rising to their feet and shouting out in protest, confusion, uncertainty, words blended together. "Do you feel up for it? If you're with me, it's an inquiry, not a challenge."

She'd understand if Killick didn't want to go running out of the auditorium onto the streets, searching after their arrested headmaster. With so much uncertainty in the air, and the storm besides, it wasn't exactly the most wise or comfortable thing to do.

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