Re: It's Now or Never #Jaya #Brandy #Bridgette #zaire

Rachel Balla

Zaire's strong arm pulled Brandy to safety and spared her from getting crushed barely in time… and Brandy found herself still, in a daze even if her eyes burned, staring at the felled tree when Bridgette offered her a hand to stand.

Bridgette: "You should probably watch your step more carefully," "And don't stand under trees, when there's lightning. That's a good way to end up fried."

"Thank you, Benji-fucking-Franklin," Brandy said, taking her fellow ginger's hand, but her words were decidedly sarcastic as she got to her feet. Little did she know that her joke slipped out simultaneously with Jaya's, although their cloaked companion was just now making her way into the oasis.

Down here, the wind was bearable and, as Brandy adjusted the scarf around her face, she finally seemed able to see. Tanner's Trading Post. That would be on the map. Brandy stayed on Zaire's heels until they finally found respite in the small abandoned shelter.

Jaya: "You know anything about the desert, Red?" "Or, anyone heard of this place?"

"We'll figure it out," Brandy said instead of no as she knelt at the pirate captain's side and used a knee and the heel of her hand to help hold the map flat as it could be against the floor. There was a table, but it had been knocked over already and seemed more trouble than it was worth. Her eyes skimmed quickly, as if the parchment was just another recipe and she was looking to see how much Tanner Trade she needed to add, and her pointer finger centered on their location quickly and then her eyes seemed to follow Zaire's as they searched for landmarks to situate them.

There was the capital city - huge, central, with jade blue lettering - and the sea there…

"The witch's tower should be somewhere here, right?" Brandy asked, finger finding the empty space to their south-southwest. Finding that would be tricky anyway, and with the storm...?


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