Re: You're Gonna Hear My Voice #Kyky #Marcus #hawkins #manfred

Vincent Gonzales <alchemicalnonsense2578@...>

Marcus kept his eyes on the tracker and the way the man moved through the forest, doing his best to follow his path as to ensure they weren't making too big of a path of their own to follow. Just in case it really was a trap. As Hawkins drew his attention to a dagger. It was...a dagger. Nothing ornate or remarkable. He'd seen hundreds like it since his first time travelling to Eventyr. "Maybe," he replied to the question of it belonging to his men, tucking it in his belt as they continued on. 

He fought back a yawn as the days of fatigue threatened to settle in, knowing now was not the time to lose focus. Even as Manny began to doubt their direction and Kyky made some remark about terrorist he gave a half-hearted smile to, he couldn't help but stretch his back and roll his neck. Damn was he tired...

"Let's keep moving before the youngster falls asleep on her feet," he said, nudging Kyky to force himself to stay awake and keep moving along with her. What the hell was wrong with him?!


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