Re: Like an Open Highway #Bert #Theo #Tristan

Vincent Gonzales

Tristan gave Theo an easy smile as the young man offered to help with snares and nodded. "We'll scout out a few spots and set some traps. Then we can check back in on them, come sunset." While his childhood wasn't exactly filled with hunting trips, a few guys in basic he had kept in contact with before his...accident, had taken him hunting before. He'd learned enough to at least get them dinner for the night, he hoped. 

When conversation turned to the princess and stories they'd heard, Tristan shook his head and frowned. "I've heard bits and pieces. Dragons took her from the castle yard. A witch enchanted her and spirited her away. Fairies cast an enchantment of her and she is queen of the pixies now. The usual nonsense. But other than the rumored sighting over the years, most just assume she's long gone or...passed," he added to the conversation, which wasn't much help. At Theo's question, though, he did look at Bert. Lord Weston, rather. The Sheriff. Surely, he'd been on more than a few search parties for the princess before now...


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