Re: Just a face in the crowd #James #francesca

Rachel Balla

James: "I will escort Duchess Rossi to the meeting, Captain."

The soldier nodded, bowed again, and excused himself. His companion was speaking to the consort and the Duchess of the North; that left only the South. He had been told that the duke had sent his daughter as representative, which was unfortunate because while she was a fine stand-in at a ceremonial event, what they needed was a leader in these troubling times. Concerns aside - where was she...?

James: "I wonder what Kardos could want, it's too soon for the Royal General and Scholar to have made a decision...."

As much as Francesca wanted a decision, she knew that the Duke was right. This was no announcement.

"There must be a threat," Francesca surmised as she reclaimed James' arm at his insistance that he would escort her. Francesca's voice was soft enough that it was barely a whisper, and she turned her face ever so slightly downward, making every attempt to keep her words from being overheard as they exited the throne room. Perhaps they were being removed to a safer location, as she had been with the werewolf threat? If that were the case, though, she doubted James would be in the dark…

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