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Marcus: *stretching, rolling neck*  "Let's keep moving before the youngster falls asleep on her feet,"

Hawkins: “Marcus, keep yer men awake. We can’t be caught unawares now. It’ll be our deaths.” “This fatigue doesn’t feel natural. Either of ye know what’s going on?”

Kyky had a hard time even noticing the men's signs of exhaustion because she was so focused on her own. Her eyes were dry, her feet felt like lead, she kept tipping and slipping one way or another when she walked…

Manny: "Whreeeeeeeee!"

Manny's cry of alarm was the last thing Kyky heard, except, perhaps, the soft rustle of leaves as her body fell and eventually relaxed into the damp forest underbrush. But it didn't feel like that at all. It was as comfortable as a king-sized bed in a five-star hotel; the cloak she wore became a plush blanket, the leaves a fluffy pillow, the mattress smelled like lavender and vanilla…

Euphoric in the last moments before sleep, Kyky reached up with one searching hand, inviting a companion for warmth, just before she slipped away…


Las Olas was a familiar scene for Kyky, the beachy spot she had spent countless afternoons and weekends with her friends. The water was an impossible blue - the hue that gave travel agents an orgasm building their websites. The sand was soft as butter creamed with sugar.

So when Kyky felt plastic flip flops under her feet with sand tickling her toes, the young Floridian felt immediately at home. The sun burned at her shoulders, bare except for the thin strings of her neon-blue bikini, and so she kicked her shoes off and ran for the shallow waves as soon as her vision cleared. The water was cool and fresh, and Kyky let out a satisfied sigh before casting her gaze back to the beach, where she found the faces of her friends from Eventyr.

"Hey guys!" Kyky called, not at all stopping to wonder why she was seeing these foreigners in Fort Lauderdale. "Come in - the water is great!"


(OOC: When your character falls asleep, they should find themselves in this beachy dreamscape with Kyky!)


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