Re: It's Now or Never #Jaya #Brandy #Bridgette #zaire


Who: Jaya
With: Zaire, Brandy, Red
Where: Southern Desert
When: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK

Did Brandy just make a point blank Benjamin Franklin reference? An educated one, at that, considering it referenced Franklin as an author of practical witticisms. Jaya almost wished she still had her hood up so the expression of surprise on her face wouldn't be so blatantly obvious. She tried to cover it up, though, turn away and smooth her expression. No doubt, Brandy was from New York. There really were others here. Either Zaire and Red already knew this, or they didn't understand the reference, because they didn't seem to be showing any reaction to Brandy's words.

Red brought forth information about the witch and her tower and gave Jaya somewhere better to focus. The whole reason she was out here was to try to find a way to make this storm right. This storm had been her fault, after all. Not that she was saying it.

So, witch's tower. Sandstone wall. Five keys. Traps. 

"Thank you," she said to Red. "Even if it's a story, it's a start." 

Zaire finished making sense of the map, folded it up, and started leading the way back out into the sandstorm. It felt too soon. Jaya wanted to take another couple of minutes to brace herself against the buffeting sand. But, at the same time, mostly this desire to have a break was fear, and she couldn't give into it. She lifted her hood, and the shadowy cowl swaddled her face again, the cloak protecting her from the sand.

They weren't walking too long before she noticed something odd. She thought she could see just a little sliver of blue sky up ahead of them. The end of the sandstorm? Maybe? And while the sand still obscured so much of her view, she kept on thinking she could see that flash of blue, until suddenly...

She'd been fighting against the wind so hard that when it suddenly died down to nothing around her, she stumbled forward and fell in the sand. She rolled over fast, but laid there, looking upward. It was like being in the eye of a storm, only maybe more like the back alley of the storm. Around her to either side, the wind-carried sands practically formed a wall, but up above was clear blue sky in this ten foot swath of desert to either side, but extending much further in the other directions.

"Guys, what is this?" Jaya asked, not bothering to try to stand up just yet. It was like someone had made a path through the storm, and they'd just stumbled upon it.


((OOC: If Zaire checks his compass, he'll find the weird windless path is pointed southwest to northeast--same direction as the tower ought to be.))

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