Re: Never Backed Down #Sanya #Killick


Who: Sanya -- Lord Oskar Von Essen
With: Killick -- an audience of bystanders
Where: The Queen's College, Great Lecture Hall --> The Streets of the Noble Quarter
When: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK

Sanya part-wished she had her cat with her, but where Moswen was excellent at sneaking about unseen, she lacked in complex logic and reasoning. Killick was right, clever, seeing the potential danger in the situation. If they moved too quickly, drew attention to themselves, they could get arrested or start a panic (or both). Neither would get them any closer to answers.
The obvious why of the arrest echoed in the murmurs and shouts of objection that rippled through the audience. A couple of the teachers from the School of Economics made their way up onto the stage in order to try to take control of the moment and calm the audience down. Controversial words were dangerous in times of uncertainty.

Sanya noted another of Van Essen's colleagues trying to follow the guards and being turned roughly aside, but then she turned away from the show. It was a distraction.

Like Killick, she got to her feet, slow and easy. It wasn't too hard to blend in--almost everyone was standing, turning, trying to decide to stay still or go somewhere. But most people more or less stayed where they were. The storm outside was less than inviting.

She waited to say anything more until they'd left the lecture hall behind them and stood in the lobby. Most people were still pressing to get into the hall and see what was going on. They weren't thinking of leaving yet. Still, Sanya hesitated to step outside of the lobby and onto the street before they made a plan. All throughout her childhood, rain had been a rare blessing in the desert. This rain was anything but a blessing. It was unnerving.

"If it came from the Royals, they'd be taking Von Essen almost due east, straight to the castle dungeon. We can scratch the Southern Duke's palace off the list of possibilities. My parents are still recovering from their illness," Sanya said. Whether that was true or a cover story didn't matter--either way, her parents wouldn't have ordered it. "I would think both Duke James and Duchess Francesca too... absorbed in the matters of their own duchy to care to protect the royal line from philosophers. If it was upstart soldiers, they might be taking him north toward the Soldier's Quarter to be presented before a captain or general... "

She looked over to Killick, open to his thoughts. There had to be a cleverer way to figure out where Von Essen was being taken than running blind through the rain and hoping to spot the entourage of arresting soldiers out there.


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