I Did It My Way #James #Malia #sarnai #francesca


Who: General Kardos
With: James, Malia, Francesca, Sarnai
Where: A meeting room, the King's Castle
When: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK -- Evening
The guards escorted the nobles to a private meeting chamber. The castle had a few of these, used in random rotation to deter eavesdroppers and assassins, but on the inside all were more or less the same: A large rectangular table with the most regal seat at the far end of the table, fine tapestries and sconces on the walls, no windows, a heavy wooden door. The tapestries added a sense of finery and dampened the echoes in the otherwise stone room.
General Kardos stood distinctly not at the head of the table, but rather at the foot of it, the chair nearest the door, a subtle indication that he understood he was lowest in status at this particular table. Attendants were ready to seat the Duke, Duchesses, and Consort at the table's sides. The chair at the head of the table--where the king or queen would sit in normal circumstances--remained empty.
Once the nobility had been seated, the attendants left quickly without being asked. The general rested his hands on the back of his chair, not yet seated.
"My Lord and Ladies," he said. "I apologize for interrupting this day of mourning with matters unsavory, but as you are the current voices of leadership in our kingdom, I could not, in good faith, move forward without your guidance..." 
"The city is in turmoil." A man of few words, he did not elaborate but trusted that his audience knew - the King had been murdered under suspicious circumstances, the storm raged on long enough that even skeptics were beginning to believe it was witchcraft, and the only leadership of King's City had been sequestered for a week now. General Kardos knew well how to lead men in the heat of battle, but he had never expected to be the one responsible for keeping peace where the people were the enemy. And when he had accepted the job, he had never imagined it would be this tumultuous nor this long.
"There was an attempt on Prince Elliot's life," the General revealed. "The would-be assassin was intercepted, of course, but this shows us that the unrest is growing worse. In questioning, the assassin claimed to be in league with one Oskar Von Essen - a scholar of noble birth from Queen's College." 
"A prompt investigation found that Von Essen was holding an assembly, at this very moment, and we have every reason to suppose the purpose of this gathering was to incite an uprising. My men have arrested Von Essen and dispersed the crowd." 
"The prisoner will arrive shortly. I must go keep order in the streets. I trust your decision in this matter, my Lord and Ladies." 
His grip loosened from the back of the chair and he stepped back, bowing deeply to them. As he turned from the table, his general's cape swished stiffly but audibly. He left through the door with that.

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