Re: It's Now or Never #Jaya #Brandy #Bridgette #zaire

Rachel Balla

Red: "The Yellow Witch is locked away in her great, solitary tower. Condemned beyond the oasis behind the great sandstone wall. Locked behind a gate locked five times hence. Be wary of their cunning traps or you and your friends will surely fall," "It was...a limerick I learned from a friend," "But, I think there's some truth to it. I've always heard the tower is near an oasis in the south. And that the Witch of the Dunes is locked away behind a great wall."

"Great - let's hope the fairy circles did their job and dropped us off where we were trying to go," Brandy said, casting a glance at Zaire as her words alluded to a little inside joke. People loved to sat fairy circles were unreliable, but maybe the truth was that they were all too reliable after all. If the fairies had brought them as far as the oasis, maybe they had a chance. A wall sounded like an obstacle…. but maybe it was really just a fucking fence or aesthetic steel slats, who knew?

Jaya: "Thank you," "Even if it's a story, it's a start."

Zaire: "Let's keep movin'," "Ya see a wall, or a tower, shout somethin', yeah?"

Too soon, they were out on the move again. Brandy braced herself more purposefully now, knowing what she was getting into. Now, she could breathe, she could see….

See well enough to catch it when Jaya took a hard fall forward. What the hell? She looked like she'd missed the automated notice that the people mover was stopping soon…

And so, Brandy did not stumble quite as badly, but she did fall to her knees near Jaya's feet when the sudden pressure of the storm let up.

Jaya: "Guys, what is this?"

Brandy's rational brain tried and tried to figure it out… but the truth was that this was probably not a natural phenomenon. And denying that fact made no sense. So Brandy lifted herself to her feet and looked down the column of calm they had been gifted and smirked, "I'm going to go with witchcraft." And offered a hand to Jaya to help her up.

Which made sense.

"We are here because she is... Storm." Brandy said, and quickly corrected the X-Men reference, expecting no one would understand it. "She is a weather-witch. She knows - or at least hopes - we are coming. So, she made a path for us."

With a gesture, Brandy started on their way.


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