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Increased friendship was its own resource in some games, and if friendship counted for anything in this too-real fantasy escape, Theo counted Tristan's easy smile as an indicator that he'd made the right decision to offer to help with catching food, even if he had no idea what he was doing. Now he just had to avoid shooting himself in the foot, both literally and figuratively. He couldn't feign usefulness on this epic quest. He had to be useful, in actuality.

He nodded along at Tristan's contribution to the stack of lore about the missing princess. He hadn't heard the queen of the pixies story, but if Princess Bridgette had changed form or size, she would be that much harder to find.

Bert's tone as he described his own quests to find the princess in the past carried with it little notes of disappointment, even with the upturn of hope at the end. How could he hope to just lead an expedition and find her successfully on blind faith and bar rumors when one of the members of this party had tried and failed multiple times when the trail was still comparatively fresh? Wild goose chase didn't begin to cover it.

But he was here for a reason, right? People who came stumbling through magic portals into other worlds were the sort of people who saved those worlds. Right time, right place.

He looked toward where Bert indicated to set the first snare, then nodded.

"Sure, can do," he said. "Tristan, could you show me how? I'm a quick study."

He'd found the knight to be supportive as a mentor thus far, not judgmental of Theo's lacking skills. It was a kindness, and one he hoped to repay in good time. If he could help Tristan win the princess's hand in marriage for rescuing her from a dragon, all the better, right?

"It must be tough, to have looked for so long and found nothing," Theo said. "I mean, I've heard you've had a lot of successes out and about, Lord Weston. Honors and accolades from the king, even. True?"


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