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James knew of Kardos, he had been part of his half brother's guard for many years and was trusted by those within the castle's old walls. He was a faithful old soldier, and his words were straight forward and to the point.

General Kardos: … "There was an attempt on Prince Elliot's life," the General revealed. "The would-be assassin was intercepted, of course, but this shows us that the unrest is growing worse. In questioning, the assassin claimed to be in league with one Oskar Von Essen - a scholar of noble birth from Queen's College." … "A prompt investigation found that Von Essen was holding an assembly, at this very moment, and we have every reason to suppose the purpose of this gathering was to incite an uprising. My men have arrested Von Essen and dispersed the crowd." … "The prisoner will arrive shortly. I must go keep order in the streets. I trust your decision in this matter, my Lord and Ladies."

The Royal consort could not hide her emotions from her face, or she was the finest actress in the realm. Although there were no fond connections between them, if any connection at all besides a dead man. The Duke surmised she knew nothing of these events, and she had a fondness for young Elliot........ More so than himself, although he had no ill will toward the boy.

Thoughts swirled around his mind, heartless he may be but Castile was cunning as any hunter in his realm. And the logic of an assassin in hire by a scholar, whom openly spoke out against the idea of the monarchy, seemed rather.... convenient. And where was the Southern representative, the daughter of the current Duchy?

Sarnai: "Why though?" she asked, no longer caring if she seemed naive. "Why attempt to assassinate a child who hasn't even been granted the throne?"

The Green Duke looked over at the consort, before glancing at the two Duchesses that sat with them. "There are many reasons, the most prevalent would be he is next in line for the throne" he stated. Or it could be more personal, perhaps against Philip and his bloodline. Castile frowned because either theory may or may not include himself, it mattered not that he had no want for the kingdom.

If asked, it would be his duty to rule and he was not so willing to part from his birthplace, the green realm, or the resting place of his heart and power. But it didn't mean he didn't seek to have someone under the crown that wasn't under his influence... Elliot was his nephew.... as would be the unborn child of the consort, or perhaps a niece. Francesca Rossi had stated she had no wish to rule, or help rule the realm. She could barely handle her own domain.

The Duchess of the North was his ally, and lover. His Lady. But she was as ambitious as they came, not that he cared... if she wanted the crown he would lay it at her feet. But he was sure that Malia preferred to operate unencumbered by the many eyes that came with the crown, and a assassin seemed beneath her. No, there was a player involved that was not in the room. Perhaps Marcus the Vile, he had been spotted in the area during his brother's murder of course trying to rescue the she-wolf. Or the Southern Duchy, it was insulting enough they ignored the celebration of the consort's pregnancy, but now his brother's funeral and the summons from the general? Insulting indeed, and perhaps more...

Turning to a man under the General's command he asked, "I assume Kardos has double the guard protecting the Prince Regent, and the Royal Consort?" For James Castile it was merely good business and duty, he cared little for either of them other than what they meant to his own land. "And if the assassin yet lives... I wish to interrogate him myself" the Green Duke had his own methods for gathering information.


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