Re: Never Backed Down #Sanya #Killick


Who: Sanya

With: Killick, an audience of bystanders

Where: The Streets of the Noble Quarter, headed toward points north

When: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK

If only succession was as simple as one person being clearly next in line, Sanya thought as she followed Killick's line of logic. Then they wouldn't be waiting in a storm for the Royal Scholar and the Royal General to make a decision.

"The consort is only next in line if her child is confirmed the king's at birth and she becomes the queen," Sanya pointed out. She took Killick's cue and started to walk northward through the downpour, wishing for only the tiniest fleeting second that she had her grandmother's propensity for weather magic. "Or, if the Royal Scholar and Royal General name her the queen even before the birth and confirmation because they deem her the best choice, of course."

She spent enough time exploring the city to know the best course to the gated checkpoints between the Noble Quarter and the Soldier's Quarter. But they had their feet, where the soldiers likely had horses. She doubted they'd be stupid enough to use a fairy circle to transport a prisoner. Fairy circles used the heart's desires as a compass, and Von Essen would not desire to go to the same location as the soldiers wanted to take him. Since she couldn't see any obvious sign of the soldiers' passing, Sanya concluded they'd had horses ready and were well on their way.

"But... Altansarnai seems unlikely. For one, she'd have to want to flex her political muscles--something she hasn't done much of up to this point. For two, she'd need information sources that would tell her about a headmaster like Von Essen. With Consort, West, East, and South eliminated, that really leaves the Duchess of the North, if it comes from the top. It could be a lesser noble trying to pay for the next ruler's favor in advance by defending the throne, though. Have you heard much about her?"

Sanya wasn't sure how much time Killick spent listening to the noble rumor mills, but even so, she was interested in his perspective. Malia was a challenge to pin down.


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