Re: I Did It My Way #James #Malia #sarnai #francesca


Who: Oskar Von Essen
With: James, Malia, Francesca, Sarnai, and guards
Where: A meeting room, the King's Castle
When: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK -- Evening

Oskar Von Essen made a point to be as courteous as possible toward the arresting officers once he was in custody. Making a scene had its advantages, but this appeared to be an instance where cooperation would garner the most net positive results. He needed to know the reason for his arrest--no one would tell him. Who ordered his arrest--again, no response. The question of where they were taking him was rather obvious as they set forth due east, straight toward the castle. He knew the city well enough to recognize the change when the wagon bumped from paved roadway to drawbridge then onto the smooth courtyard road. He wasn't the least bit surprised to see the door of the prisoner wagon open on the prisoner's entrance to the castle.

Not that he'd seen the prisoner's entrance before, personally, but he knew the general architecture of it, the general layout of the castle. Understanding the design flow of architecture had been a part of his academics, something that he used when he offered advice to business owners. Improved traffic flow and efficiency had a positive correlation with profit. He was certainly all about the profit.

He didn't bother with asking too many questions as the guards led him into the castle, down twisting corridors, to a meeting room somewhere in the heart of the castle. He couldn't tell which way would be the fastest route out, and he doubted he'd be able to backtrack the path they'd taken. Another intentional element of design within the castle. If attackers or assassins couldn't navigate it easily, they'd have a much lower success rate. The fear that had started gnawing in his belly receded, though, considering the upward direction. The dungeon was a cold, uncaring place. The castle, though rigid in its security, held greater... promise for a positive outcome here.

Finally they came to a stop in front of a door. A guard knocked twice, then when bidden, opened it and stepped inside.

"Esteemed Lord and Ladies, presenting Oskar Von Essen, accused of treason against the crown, for your judgement," the guard intoned very formally.

Oskar noted the omission of his own title, one he'd worked hard to earn back, and he cast a disdainful look at the guard. "Lord Oskar Von Essen, young sir," he said firmly.

The guard kept his eyes forward and did not offer a correction, only standing next to the shackled headmaster. Oskar's frown deepened for a moment, but he brushed it off as best as he could when he looked between the four faces that apparently had summoned him.

"My Lord, my Ladies," he said. "It seems I am at your disposal. Pardon my rudeness, but your soldiers have been admirably tight-lipped. If  someone could explain the precise accusations against me, I would be most appreciative. "


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