Re: Like an Open Highway #Bert #Theo #Tristan

Vincent Gonzales

Tristan listened intently to Bert, noting the bits of frustration and unbridled hope in the older man's voice. He'd struggled here and, despite how abrasive he'd been around Tristan during their first meeting, there was something to be admired about his loyalty to what he thought was right. While Tristan was done blindly listening to authority, he could still admire the man's devotion. 

When Theo asked for a lesson, Tristan of course obliged, as this young man was really gunning to be his apprentice. If only he knew that the "Knight" knew practically nothing about this world and it's rules of knighthood...

Still, he knew how to set a snare. His Earthen experience had taught him that. So, he went about showing Theo the correct knots and placement, explaining patiently and repeating himself when it came to the finer points. 

"Now you try it on your own," he offered Theo, pointing out a second spot ten yards from where they stood. "I'll check your work when you're done and see how it looks." 

"What if the princess hasn't wanted to be found?" he asked Bert. A question he'd been chewing on for some time. "To be missing for that it possible she's in hiding..?"


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