Re: It's Now or Never #Jaya #Brandy #Bridgette #zaire


Who: Jaya

With: Zaire, Brandy, Red

Where: Southern Desert

When: Friday, March 7th, 872 RoK

Storm! Not a storm. Storm, as a name. As in the X-Men. Jaya half wanted to hit the breaks on this whole quest and outright ask Brandy if she was from Earth. Somehow, she felt like it would explain a lot of Brandy's behavior. Red and Zaire were personalities, as well, no doubt about that. Maybe they could be from Earth, too, even if Red had, well, incorrectly corrected Brandy's pop culture reference. But Jaya had known Brandy longer, and she wondered, considering all their interactions, if there was even the slightest chance...

About the last thing Jaya expected when they reached the end of their sandy highway and came to a locked gate in a high wall was for Zaire to just pull out a key and *click* unlock the thing.

"Aren't you a handy adventurer to have around?" Jaya mused, giving Zaire a smile. And here was her opportunity to return the favor to Brandy. "Once knew a man named MacGuyver who could probably make a lock pick out of a blade of grass and his own spit if he tried, but nothing beats having the key."

The gate opened in on a breathtaking garden that sprawled out surrounding the high tower where the witch was imprisoned. Anyone who knew the stories would realize that the witch was technically the Duchess's own mother, and they would likely see this oasis of a garden as a a gesture of kindness from daughter to mother, something beautiful for the captive to behold and find peace in.

Less beautiful were the drowned corpses of the two guards who were probably supposed to be guarding the gate, face down and bloating in one of the garden's fountains, near the gate.

"No guards, and the storm probably prevents a changing of the guards," Jaya said softly, feeling more and more like this might be a bad idea. But she'd already made some bad decisions. She was responsible for this storm. And if making a deal with a murdering witch could end it and start things on a path to return to normal, it was worth a shot. Wasn't it?

She walked toward the base of the tower and started to circle it. There was no clear door at ground level, though. Only windows up out of reach, and the tower was too smooth for Jaya to risk trying to scale it barehanded.

"Maybe we're supposed to call up and witch lets down her hair?" she mused. Then she called out: "Hello, Witch of the Tower, we followed your path, and we seek your aid!"


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