Re: You're Gonna Hear My Voice #Kyky #Marcus #hawkins #manfred


Marcus: "What the fuck..." "Cape May...?" "Where the hell are we, girl?"

"Las Olas Boulevard," Kyky chirped helpfully. Her hand raised to point at the iconic Fat Tuesdays - a bar that served exclusively frozen drinks out of 7-11-style Slurpee machines - and found herself instead pointing at houses that looked like they might have been out of New England…

Confused, Kyky looked down and saw her feet standing in a beach that seemed striped with soft Florida sand and the rocky shore of beaches much further north. The sun against her shoulders cooled, but she did not have time to think about that much before a massive creature was rising from the sand on the shore.

Manny: "By the four witches tits!" "What's going on?!"

With the chill - well, for a Floridian, anything less than blazing hot constituted a chill - in the air, Kyky's feet led her back to the water's edge and she cautiously, curiously, approached the beast who had her friend's face. Emotions dueled through her chest - there was surprise, but a weird understanding that everything was totally normal

"I guess we were just in Eventyr, weren't we?" Kyky asked, the thought dawning on her only after Manny's question. "Manny… why are you a horse?"

What was going on? Kyky had no idea, especially not when she looked back at those houses and saw now a couple structures that looked more rural….

Suddenly, Kyky, too, panicked. "Where's Hawkins? Oh my god - he was just with us." If he hadn't come through the… fairy circle or whatever… with them, he must have been in trouble.  "Where is Hawkins!?"


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