Re: I Did It My Way #James #Malia #sarnai #francesca

Rachel Balla

James: “My ladies, allow me to attend these matters”

Francesca's exasperated expression resolved into relief when James offered to handle it. She did not care about this, not at all, and so she rose to her feet at the same time as Sarnai although with quite opposite purpose...

Sarnai: "Wait, James," "Lord Oskar," "there was an attempt on Prince Elliot's life and the resulting investigation has lead us to you."

Malia: "You heard him, Francesca. You can go."

….and paused, spine stiffening, at the Northern Duchess's comment, and Francesca returned it with a glare that promised murder, but Malia paid her no mind, moving on to question their suspect and that indifference just fueled Francesca's anger.

Malia: "Headmaster," "Nobles are often threatened by powerful scholars." "And when they rail against Eventyr's academic institutions, their accusations are always the same: you're corrupting the youth. Is that what you have been doing? Is that what you were doing at this gathering today?" "What have you been telling these... scared, impressionable young people?"

Oskar: *explains*

Francesca, who had paused, standing, laughed - the sound high and musical, if totally devoid of humor. "So, your thought experiment features the benefits of a Queen in the West?" The duchess returned to her seat, but made a show of attentively leaning forward to place an elbow on the table and her chin on delicate fingers that accentuated the interest in her gaze - and not an academic interest in the least. With a lascivious smile, Francesca concluded, "You have my attention."



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