Re: The Babe With the Power #James #Malia #Sanya


Who: Sanya Nimr
With: James Castille, Malia Campbell, other royal party guests
Where: Castle courtyard, King's City 
When: February 28th, evening

 The gold and turquoise collar that Sanya wore around her neck for the duration of this particular celebration was her mother's, and her paternal grandmother's before her. It wasn't the only representative collar of the Southern Duchess, but the fact that it had seen multiple generations of use gave it more weight than the gold alone. Sayna would have preferred something half as wide, but of all the collars she could have chosen, she appreciated the design of the falcon with its wings outstretched over her shoulders. It was the only obviously flashy part of her outfit. Though her black dress was long-sleeved and made of thicker material to contain warmth in the albeit seasonally-warm February weather, it maintained the spirit of a Southern Duchy sheath dress. She had a lacy shawl draped over her arms and wrapped around her torso, clearly more for fashion than for any kind of warmth.

But the collar was her mantle, her badge of honor, the visual cue to anyone who knew anything of the Dukes and Duchesses that Sanya wasn't simply here as a noble. She was, for all intents and purposes, the Duchess of the South for the day. It was a common enough practice for the nobility to send their eldest children off to represent them at social functions as practice for some day stepping fully into their role as a lord or lady. It was almost unheard of to do so when that social function was to welcome the birth of a child who might some day become the monarch.

Sanya had presented her family's gift with the deepest apologies on behalf of her parents for their absence and the most sincere blessings upon the consort and her soon-to-be-born child. (It was a cradle made of true Southern Duchy acacia, carved with an intricate pattern of acacia flowers, representative of renewal and purity.)

Then, she'd started to mingle within the crowd. But she had to be mindful, so careful, of who she mingled with and how she carried herself because she was wearing the duchess's mantle. She couldn't just go flock with familiar faces in attendance from the Queen's college--her fellow scholars. No, she had to mingle and be attentive. She had to gather information. She had to make herself useful.

When she found her way to the refreshments and began to take a little food, she looked over to notice the Duchess of the North and the Duke of the East both not too far away, and Malia was looking straight at her, quizzical expression on her face.

T was most important of all for her to get along well with her fellow dukes and duchesses. Sanya gave a little nod of her head and crossed the space separating her from arguably the two most powerful people in attendance as guests at this function.

"Duchess North, Duke East," she said, dipping in a slight curtsey to each in turn as she said their names--enough to be a deference to their age but not so much that it was a deference to their equal titles on this particular evening. "My parents send their regards. My mother took ill just before they were to begin traveling to the King's City, and my father sprained his ankle while training with his guard's youngest recruits. He forgets to leave the adventuring to the youth some days."

She said this with a faint humor, a knowing sort of smile. She knew the circles of nobility well, as she'd navigated them her entire life. Despite her youth, she stood with the confident certainty of one who ought to be exactly where she was.


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