In the so-called Land of the Free #Jaya #Kira


Who: Jaya
With: Kira, Open
Where: New York City --> Some stranger's garden, Artisan's Quarter, King's City
When: Sunset, Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

"If I'm not back tonight, I'm fine. Might be staying with a friend!" Jaya called out as she stood in the apartment doorway, ready to open the door and head out. "Left a twenty on the counter to help with communal groceries." 
She knew Kira was in the apartment, probably working on one of her art projects, and although she didn't view her roommates as a tight-knit family, they were still living together. It paid to be courteous and contribute to things they all used--like toilet paper. Plus she didn't want anyone calling the police to report her missing.
As she left the apartment, she didn't think twice about the fact that her cell phone was still charging on the counter near that twenty dollar bill. Her mind was too pre-occupied with Eventyr thoughts. She just hoped that she found a fairy circle close by. She didn't want to miss the big announcement. Who was going to be the new ruler of Eventyr?
Down the stairs, to the ground floor, out onto the street, and away. Jaya often started out by checking the small community garden nestled in near some of the apartment buildings on their street, a little patch of green in the concrete jungle. It didn't always pay off.
But, just her luck, in between the beds of whatever vegetables the neighborhood had planted, a ring of flowers had bloomed--not super obvious, but Jaya knew what to look for. She strode into the circle and braced herself for the change, concentrating on the mental image of the King's City.
When she stepped through on the other side, she found herself in a well-kept flower garden, dressed as usual in Eventyr-style clothes and swathed in her signature cloak of shadows. Artisan's Quarter or maybe Noble Quarter, from the quality of things, she figured. The announcement was taking place in the Merchant's Quarter, so she'd have some walking to do either way.
Rather than dwell too long in a garden that could very well belong to some rich toff who would call the guard on her, Jaya lifted the hood up over her head and stepped out of the flower bed toward the low wall, spotting the gate that would let her out onto the street. The gate's lock was simple and familiar, the kind you could just flick open from the inside but couldn't reach from the outside. It would close behind her after she left, and hopefully no one would be any wiser for it.
She opened the gate, moved out onto the street, and started to gather her bearings...

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