Re: In the so-called Land of the Free #Jaya #Kira


Who: Kira
With: Jaya, Open
Where: New York City --> Some stranger's garden, Artisan's Quarter, King's City
When: Sunset, Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

Kira had grabbed a nearby hand-towel that was spotted in various paint stains, using it to clear what she had gotten onto her hands. This piece was nearly finished... though she was going to have to wait for this layer to dry before continuing. Hopefully that last client would still be interested in purchasing another painting after requesting the last one.

When she heard Jaya speak up she was quick to stand and peak her head out of the door to her room. "Okay, enjoy your time out!" 
Kira moved out of the room as her roommate left. Only pausing to tossing the rag back where she had kept it on a small table. It wasn't unusual for her to be gone for short periods of time, so she didn't necessarily think much of it. Though when she reached where Jaya had left the money out, she spotted her phone still charging beside it. Kira snatched it from where it rested on the counter before slipping on a pair of shoes and rushing out the door. It would make sense that she'd need this. 
Exiting the building out onto the street, it took her a moment to catch the very last of Jaya as she walked off. The streets were still lively, so she didn't bother trying to call her name. Instead, she simply began to try and follow and see if she could manage to catch up. 
Soon enough, Kira saw Jaya paused before the community garden bed that managed to remain despite the growing cold. "Jaya!" She finally called out. "You forgot-!..." Her voice died in her throat as she blinked.
She... disappeared?

That didn't make much sense. She had been standing right here, but when she had walked forward... "Jaya?" Kira called out again. There wasn't anything for her to hide behind, and if she had ran off she would've seen where she went.
She entered the patch of green a little further, obviously moving through the ring of flowers that had taken Jaya a couple of moments earlier.
When Kira came out on the other side, the scene change was jarring. Immediately she stopped and took a moment to orient herself. The garden was much more elaborate and well-groomed, and the skyline that was normally chock-full of buildings was now clear. Wide eyed she took a step forward before noticing that her clothing had also changed. The best way she could describe it now was... archaic? A simple dress that was of a similar length to the one she had been wearing, but of a completely different fabric and diluted navy color.
After examining herself and tearing her gaze from her surroundings, Kira saw that there was someone standing at the gate to the garden she had found herself in. On a whim she asked "Jaya?" though her tone had drastically shifted to something much more unsure. They didn't exactly look familiar from this angle, but she was hopeful, if only to have someone explain what had just happened. 

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