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Who: “Bertie”

With: Kyky

Where: The Merchant’s Square, Merchant’s Quarter, King’s City

When: Sunset, Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

Bert took his time scanning the crowd around him as he stood off to one side. Ever since becoming a sheriff, he had found himself drifting further and further from the other nobles of the kingdom, as they tended to come across as snobby, or just seemed to lack basic common sense and decency. Though that also didn’t mean that he felt super close to the everyday citizens, but they certainly seemed to be better company than his wealthy colleagues.

Everyone within the square was growing restless as the ceremony was continually delayed. Bert himself hadn’t heard of any reason as to why nothing had started yet, but more than a few people had already spotted his badge and had asked if he knew what was going on. He took a moment to shift his staff to his other hand so he could lean on it a little more effectively. He had been standing for a while, and it seemed he would be standing some more.

That is, he would have been, had he not almost been knocked over by a surprise hug from behind. Bert felt his look of surprise melt into a grin as he recognized the voice of the person clinging to his back. “Kyky! Fancy meeting you here. Where have you been? I hope the storms haven’t kept you inside too much.”


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Who: Kyky
With: Bert
Where: The Merchant's Square, Merchant's Quarter, King's City
When: Sunset, Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

Kyky's feet were starting to hurt. Even after investing in a new pair of boots made for walking, there was something about standing in one place for like two hours that got to her. This shindig was supposed to start a long time ago! The crowd was complaining around her, and thinning out a bit as people went to fetch drinks or relieve themselves of the drinks they'd had before claiming a spot in the courtyard where the commoners gathered. When leaning on her staff didn't help anymore, Kyky decided to wander, hoping it would at least loosen up the stiff muscles in her legs.

"Think they called it off?" one commoner asked to his companion as Kyky passed by. "The royal baby was born - mayhap they reconsidering."

"They call it off, and forget to tell the nobles?" the other answered, making a gesture toward the seats occupied by the Consort, the prince(s), and the dukes and duchesses and their entourages. "If they waitin', I'm waitin'."

"...just the flooded streets mucking up the carriage wheels, nothing to worry about…"

Kyky's attention broke when she spotted the back of a familiar figure. She would have known that form anywhere, and that staff was unmistakable. A huge smile spread across her face and a peppy skip replaced her weary wandering steps as she cross the space, jumped up, and wrapped her arms around his neck from behind. He was a full foot taller than she, so it was a leap. "Bertie!"




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