This Is The Exodus #sarnai #Killick


Who: Altansarnai
With: Erden, Killick CLOSED SCENE
Where: Merchant's Quarter, King's City

When: Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK


Sanya wasn't the only one with a bad feeling.

"Shhh, my strong boy," Altansarnai murmured as she rocked her fussy son in her arms. "We're nearly done." Not that she had even the slightest clue if that were true or not. They'd been sitting for hours now, waiting for the Royal General and Scholar to appear and make their grand announcement - which was very unlikely to be her, Altansarnai Ganzorig Burut, crowned Queen of Eventyr. No, not when the pair couldn't even have been bothered to visit and confirm that her son was even Philip's. Everything she'd gone through and it was all for nothing.

And Sarnai was running out of patience.

With a sigh, she turned her attention to the seats around her, her eyes lingering on Francesca's retreating back. One less set of eyes to dodge. It took only a second for her to survey the rest of the nobles, obviously just as irritated by the wait as the crowd of commoners. Sanya was heading in Malia's direction instead of her own, which was smart, and there was the Green Duke and Elliot - and she felt a pang of guilt before turning away and rising to her feet, her impatience finally getting the best of her.


"I'm fine, Rebecca," Sarnai answered, absently tucking the blankets more firmly around the baby. "Just need to move a bit with him."

"Of course, Your Highness," her handmaiden answered, promptly rising to her feet as well and giving the Consort a knowing sort of look. She didn't offer to take the baby; the Consort wouldn't hand him over unless they were in the secure confines of her own apartments, but she did offered a steadying, and supportive, hand on the young mother's elbow as they made their way down toward the barrier that separated the noble crowd from the common.

There was a stroll to their gait, though also a distinct bounce in Sarnai's step - just a mother comforting her cranky newborn - and when her eyes lifted from the sweet little face staring up at her, the Consort found she'd drawn the attention of the commoners standing nearest to her.

"Oh, 'e's a handsome one, m'lady," cooed an elderly woman with a sprig of evergreen tucked into her frizzy grey curls.

Sarnai would have rather they simply ignore her right now, but she also knew that she may need those commoners if things went sideways, so she smiled kindly and thanked her, tipping her arms just a bit so the woman could more clearly see Erden's face.

"Oh and 'e 'as that Paxton red 'air!"

Sarnai's smile was still firmly in place, politely enjoying the attention of the nearby commoners as she continued walking, her eyes drifting around again. What was going on? The nearest guards were keeping a watchful eye on the Consort and her princely son, but none of the nobles seemed to be paying her much more attention than usual and when a man in the crowd shouted Oi! What's the 'old up? We been 'ere hours now! even the guards glanced away from her . . .

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