Re: Got Your Back If You Got Mine #Marcus #Jude

Silvy <afranklin09c@...>

Who: Jude (as Juliette Mackenzie)
With: Marcus
Where: The Crooked Fox, King's City
When: Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

She wore pants beneath the sturdy coat that cinched her waist in and followed her neck up to her chin, leather boots that made soft sounds across the bloodstained floor she hardly seemed to notice. She'd spilt some there herself, in the past - she liked this place. People kept their noses in their own business, and when they didn't, no one was surprised they had their asses handed to them a minute later.

Still, today wasn't a day for such dalliances, nor was this the face to wear then. She tucked a dark curl from her wig behind one ear as she skirted the growing controversy nearer the bar of the tavern - it had cost a fortune, that wig, but with some special requests and a handy understanding of more modern, Earthly techniques, it looked as real as anyone's.

Instead, she kept her eye on the prize, and smiled a perfunctory grin as she sank into the seat across from Marcus... Lifting a hand as she did so to signal the barkeep for the bottle of rotgut she favored over his ale or mead. Less water in it, she figured.

"How are we keeping?"


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