Re: Got Your Back If You Got Mine #Marcus #Jude

Vincent Gonzales <alchemicalnonsense2578@...>

Who: Marcus

With: Juliette

Where: The Crooked Fox, King's City

When: Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

"Seen better days, me and mine," Marcus responded with a sigh as Juliette sat, not bothering to stand and greet her like any proper man would. Not that many would mistake him for such to begin with.

He eyed another patron who looked hungrily at his business partner's bottle, but he was alone and wouldn't make a move without friends. If he was smart, at least. "Thanks for meeting me in the city. I've got I'm looking into around these parts. Travel was uneventful?"

Marcus had called the arms dealer out here for just that, arms. While some key items from his armory had been stolen, he knew he needed replacement gear. But, more than that, he wasn't ignorant to the fact that Juliette was sharp, quick, and dangerous. Perhaps she knew a thing or two about the other things he was here in town for. He hadn't exactly been quiet about the fact that he was here after his stolen goods, after all.


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