Re: Am I the king of nothing at all? #Sanya


The Green Duke was not the type of man to say he enjoyed simple pleasantries but Elliot seemed to make the trivial less intolerable. The Duchess of the North, and their Southern counterpart were far more intriguing than the wait for the Royal General and Scholar.... His eyes narrowed at the arrival of Gonzalo by some sort of wagon.

Gonzalo: "Lords and Ladies of Eventyr," "Men, women, and children! You have come to hear a pronouncement, and I have come to deliver it--and so much more."

Lady Nimr commented quietly on the General's pale countenance, and Malia questioned on Fischer's absence. Elliot was silent as he stood up between the three nobles, "Uncle James?" The armored Duke raised a single finger to his mouth at his nephew, but didn't take his eyes off the Royal General.

Gonzalo: "You look to the Royal Family and us, their most honored and faithful servants, for guidance and direction. You cling to the shadows of times past, when Royal figures brought clarity and direction in times of darkness. I stand before you today to declare that the only monarch that will rule from this day forth in all of Eventyr is Death."

Castile unhooked his cloak in preparation for serious battle. He heard Sanya announced zombies were on the loose. And he was surprised to feel Malia's hand on his wrist. 
 "Do not kill him," Malia warned. "He hopes to die tonight. Incapacitate him instead; he may have information for us." If any one else had dare to advise him on how to dispatch a target they would have to see to their own head.... Instead he grunted out a sound of compliance, as his face disappeared under the green helm.

"Elliot, the tunnels!" he barked before his sword cleared its scabbard and cleaved a zombie from the tip of his head clean through to the groin. James whistled and the sound gave a hallowed echoed from inside the helm. But it brought the sound of his hounds barking and snarling as they came to their master's bidding. "Duchesses, go with the Prince... I'll will follow....once I am done" James ordered cutting the head off another undead warrior. "To arms, fools!" he shouted to the few guards that hadn't eaten the meat pies.

The Green Knight marched straight for the General. "If death rules this day, you'll not be the one to dispatch it Gonzola!" he snarled feinting with his sword arm, but slamming an armored fist into the man's head. He'd keep the bastard alive as the Duchess requested, information was a weapon in its own right. But it didn't mean he had to be noble about it. 


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