Re: In the so-called Land of the Free #Jaya #Kira

Vincent Gonzales

Who: Bridgette
With: Kira, Jaya, Open
Where: Artisan's Quarter, King's City
When: Sunset, Tuesday, March 11th, 872 RoK

Despite her best efforts upon their safe return to the Eastern Forest, word had spread among the Small Folk like wildfire of the adventure the Red Witch had taken Asteria on. Bridgette wasn't exactly sure how it spread so fast, given that pixies didn't speak, but it was only a matter of days before she'd found herself being pestered by the a gaggle of pixies to take them on her next adventure.

They'd be all around her when she woke and when she laid her head down to rest. She found herself nearly surrounded by fairy circles constantly, and could hear the gentle flutter of dozens of wings as she went about her business. Finally, she had relented.

She made no promises but transport to the Kings City for one day, and transport back. And, so it was that she found herself stepping through a fairy circle with a napsack (of fairy make, of course) holding four adventurous pixies who peaked out of the opening with eager anticipation. “Out of sight, little ones. You know the rules,” she muttered, eyeing her surroundings.

The fairy circle at her feet had seen its last use, in some rich Merchant's garden in the Artisan District, but with the number of pixies she was travelling with, that was hardly of concern. The sound of crowds killing about the city filled her with that familiar sense of longing she'd had every time she came back here, but she reminded herself that these streets were no longer her home.

Jaya: "Do I sound crazy? I bet I sound crazy. We could get some drinks. Or I know a good bakery. Or, one of those meat pies back there?”

Bridgette heard a familiar voice as she rounded a corner and smiled instinctually, approaching the young hooded woman she'd traveled with so recently.

“No crazier than asking the Witch of the South to clear the lands of cursed storms, surely,” she responded with a grin even as her eyes took in the stranger. “You have many friends, Jaya. Does she know the pirate captain as well?”


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